4.7% ABV - Belgian IPA

Fruit flavours are layered on top of each other in our first sessionable Belgian IPA of 2024. We used the one-of-a-kind Harlequin hop from Charles Faram in the United Kingdom in three steps of the brewing process to give the brew a good dose of Pineapple, peach and passion fruit aromatics.

The secret to the extra bit of depth in the flavor department comes from the carefully selected yeast with origins from a famous cloister and spiritual center in Belgium. The yeast gives the brew an even more intense base layer of fruit esters to support the hops.

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Food Suggestions: Fat-soaked ribs, steak, and smash burger from your local restaurant with surgically cut fries.

Music Suggestions: Two Steps from Hell - Star Sky

Board Game Suggestions: Betrayal at the House on the Hill

Hops: Magnum and Harlequin

Malts: Pale malt, wheat malt, vienna malt, crystal malt, flaked oats.